Oakville Fence Repair works with wood fences,  repair and new installation. We do fence repairs, replacements, chain link fences, and wrought iron fences. Oakville Fence Repair makes sure that the customers in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton receive the best service possible.


We can inspect your fence or deck to see if a post replacement, deck refacing or other repair is an option.

Fence Builder

Sometimes its time to admit that the end has come and that a new fence is in order- we can do that.

Deck Builder

If your old deck has kicked off this mortal coil, or if you want a new deck from scratch to enhance the enjoyment of your property- we also build new decks.


Just tell us how you want your fence and we can do it! 
We can do any project, ranging from one simple post or an entire perimeter fencing. In addition we are happy to take on any challenge, ranging from small jobs such as replacing hinges or installing gates, to major projects, like backyard remodeling.

Our work

There is no project too big or project too small.
If you have a fallen, rotten or old fence or need a replacement Oakville Fence and Deck Repair makes every effort to accommodate the needs of our clients.


 Let Oakville Fence Repair take the worries and stress away. We  offer Free Estimates and  stand behind our work.


Fences typically show visible signs of deterioration, especially when they are made of materials that can warp or break. Chain link fences, for example, tend to show damage in busted rings, rusting or corroded metals, and leaning or unstable posts. Fence Repairs Common fence repairs include:

  • Fixing broken slats or panels
  • Sagging posts
  • Leaning sections of fencing
  • Gate or hardware issues
  • Excessive wear due to overuse
  • Weather exposure
  • Rot damage

Custom Fencing
For custom fencing, please send us a picture to oakvillefence@gmail.com.


have components within them that can wear out over time or break suddenly. Common signs of a bigger problem with your gate include an inability to open or close completely, broken wheels or tracks, a broken chain, or generating an unpleasant noise when opening or closing. Gate Repairs Common commercial gate repairs include:
- Pest removal
- Control box repairs
- Motor repairs
- Structural repairs
- Remote control repairs


Deck & Patio Construction
Add a deck to your backyard with Oakville Fence Repair and know that you’re getting a team of professional carpenters who each have at an average 10 years’ experience. In addition, all of our technicians are fully insured and highly qualified. That’s because we believe in delivering a quality, worry-free experience.
Deck & Patio Repair
Decks and patios need to be fixed from time to time. Our professionals from Oakville Fence Repair fixes failing deck boards and railings, as well as any other structural issues affecting the use, safety or looks of your patio or deck.


We also know how important the look of your fence is and can add elegance to the design of your fence through wooden accents and gates that are used for both security and appealing design needs. Wood or Iron grid offers a height increase to your fence while adding a unique design to a fence that would otherwise look boring. Iron gates can be added to fences for security purposes, while adding an ornamental element to the existing fence.


Make the outdoors your new favorite room in your home with a pergola crafted and installed by Oakville Fence Repair. Our wood pergolas include freestanding and attach options in a range of styles. Our artisans can also customize elements based on your home’s architecture or your own drawings and ideas. Our professionals crafted solid pergola can even be pre-painted in over 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paints with a 25-year warranty. Your pergola can also incorporate canopies, lights, lattices, and other integrated features.


    With our many years of experience in the field and its remarkably versatile team, Oakville Fence Repair is the ideal company to build an outdoor structure such as a patio, gazebo or terrace. We intervene at your request and as soon as possible for any type of exterior renovation in Oakville and around the area. Complete your landscaping project with the perfect finishing touch: a beautiful and durable garden gazebo. Looking for a high-quality backyard gazebo, pergola, pavilion? We guarantee satisfaction with every unit built.


    Mabel Lee
    I had two posts replaced on my fence. Will came within a couple of days and quickly assessed the repair. He was professional, responsive and hard working. The posts were replaced within a few hours. I recommend Will and I would definitely call him again to do more work when needed.
    Nanik Su
    Will helped me replacing one of my fence posts which was damaged and started to lean. Given the busy season, I anticipated a long wait, but he came one week after our first correspondence to do the actual work. Quick & efficient, very professional, polite, and amazing result. The clean-up part was also very neat! I always hear many unpleasant stories working with contractors, but Oakville Fence Repair turned out to be different, it was straightforward and painless. Thank you for the awesome work!
    Nadya Lawson
    Our fence fell down courtesy of the last big windstorm and rotten fence posts. Will came, assessed the issue and had it repaired in a day. He does amazing work and left our yard cleaner than it was before. Without me even having to ask, he removed the plant brackets from the old post and put them back in the same place on the new post. He was a delight to work with!